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Changes to these general terms of use

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The user is solely and exclusively responsible for the incongruous and illegal use of this website and its contents.

The user will be solely held responsible for any use of the website that does not comply with the Applicable Law.

The user is solely responsible for the communication of information and data that is incorrect, false or relating to third parties, without their consent, as well as for the incorrect use of the same.

Liability for any damage to computers and systems or loss of data resulting from downloading or retrieving the contents of falls on the user and cannot in any way be attributed to the company that owns the website, which disclaims any liability for damages resulting from inaccessibility to services on or any damage caused by viruses, damaged files, errors, omissions, service interruptions, deletion of content, problems related to the network, providers or telephone and / or computer connections, unauthorized access, alteration of other data, the failure and / or malfunction of electronic equipment of the user itself.

The user is also responsible for the safekeeping and proper use of personal information, including credentials that allow access to confidential services, as well as for any harmful consequence and injury which might arise against the company, or to third parties as a result of incorrect use, loss, removal of such information.

Although the Data Controller will make every effort to ensure continuous access to , the dynamic nature of Internet and its content may not allow to operate without suspensions, interruptions or discontinuities due to the need to update the website.

Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

The user is required to carefully read the Privacy Policy section, which describes the methods and procedures used by Teatro 3 for the processing of users’ personal data, so, its purposes.

The user is also required to carefully read the Cookie Policy section, which describes the cookie policy adopted by the data controller in the management of the website

Intellectual property rights and how to use the content

All content on the website (such as – by way of illustration only – works, images, photographs, drawings, figures, logos and other distinctive signs, dialogues, music, sounds, videos, documents and any other material, in any format, including menus, web pages, graphics, colours, frameworks, tools, website design fonts, diagrams, layouts, methods and processes, databases, functions and software) is protected by copyright and intellectual property right, as well as any other moral and patrimonial right, according to the Applicable Law.

The Data Controller of has by documentary evidence, or by the power of agreed releases and authorisations, the right to publish certain content, for the purpose of dissemination and self-promotion of the activities, skills, services offered, through the presentation of the projects in the realization of which it took part.

Therefore, the unauthorized reproduction and dissemination, in whole or in part in any form of and of its contents of any type and nature, is prohibited, except with the written consent of the company.

The user is exclusively authorized to view the contents of the website and to carry out all those other temporary acts of reproduction, without their own economic significance, which are considered transitory and ancillary, or integral and essential part of the visualization of the website and its contents, as well as all the browsing operations that are performed only for a legitimate use.

The user is, therefore, strictly prohibited from making any reproduction – in any way and on any medium – the contents of the website – as determined above – as this would constitute a serious violation of the moral and property rights associated with their exploitation.

The authors of individual works and / or ideas published on have the right to claim authorship at any time and to oppose any deformation or other modification of the same, including any other act that damages their reputation.

Lastly, the user who accesses undertakes to respect the copyright relating to the intellectual works of those who have worked and collaborated with the company for its realization.

Trademarks and IP rights

All trademarks and distinctive signs displayed on are the property of their owners, according to Applicable Law and are published by Teatro S.r.l. for the purposes expressed in the previous point.

The user is not authorized to use, in any way, the aforementioned trademarks. Any unauthorized use of the aforementioned trademarks will lead to serious legal consequences.

TEATRO3© is a project by Teatro Tre S.r.l. All rights of exploitation are reserved.

Content warnings

The data controller has made all efforts to prevent the publication on the website of content representing or describing scenes or situations of physical and psychological violence or such that – according to the sensitivity of the users – can be considered harmful to the civil conventions of human rights and dignity of people, in all its forms and expressions.

The Data Controller undertakes to take care of the contents of the website so that they do not contain indications or information, incorrect or in violation of the Law.

The Data Controller shall not be held liable for the incongruous use by users of information obtained when visiting , except for its liability for wilful misconduct or gross negligence, unless otherwise required by law.

Applicable law

These general terms of use are governed by the Italian law.

Any dispute concerning the interpretation of this document will be submitted to the Court of Milan.